Who We Are

Madeline Low, Director


There's no magic in building a successful company, only hard work and experience.

Articulating a clear mission, hiring the right people, setting goals --- and then resolving the inevitable conflicts that arise. Given the uncertainty of today's government energy policies the latter task is truly the tricky part!

What makes us different? Innovation without borders. The willingness to risk and invest our own money into a dream of building a private utility network of companies.

Some called us crazy to think we could compete against the big regulated utilities. However, after 40 years in the business, most of those that doubted us have retired and the new breed of utility executives and Community Retailers are more often than not, trying to catch up and copy what we are doing.

As we look to the future we are expanding our commitment and service provided to our core industrial clients and will invest in other people who “Dare to Dream”.

Our goal over the next decade is to gift back into the community in which we live. And, having fun doing it.

Welcome to the new People's Utility.