Solar Club™ Loyalty Program

Alberta has a wealth of imaginative and environmentally sensitive people. The amount of Solar systems installed in the province is on the rise. How can we encourage even more micro-generation investment in the province?
We believe in paying micro-generators a reasonable price for the surplus green electricity they produce and ship back to the grid. To encourage more Albertans to invest in solar systems we have introduced the Solar Club™ Loyalty Program.
The program was designed specifically to help small solar micro-generators earn a premium on their solar electricity and help further green Alberta's electricity grid.
To qualify for all of benefits included in this Solar Club™ package, you must be a micro-generator in Alberta and make a donation to your local foodbank.

Included in the Solar Club™ Package

Special Rates
Choose from exclusive electricity rates designed specifically for solar micro-generators.
Flexible Rate Plans
Switch between a High Export Rate and Low Export Rate with just 10 days notice to accomodate seasonal generation fluctuations.
Achieve 10% Renewable TODAY!
We will offset up to 10% of the electricity you import from the grid, FREE!
Earn Cash Back
Earn 2.0% cash back on all energy imported from the grid on an annual basis.

Exclusive Solar Club™ Electricity Rates

Electricity rates designed for small solar micro-generators who are on a bi-directional cumulative meter.
Solar Club™ members can switch between these two rates at any time with just 10 days notice, penalty free to accomodate seasonal generation fluctuations.
High Export Rate
30.00 ¢/kWh
*Designed for solar micro-generators exporting more electricity to the grid than they are importing.
*Please look for Membership Group 018 when signing up.
Low Export Rate
11.45 ¢/kWh
*Designed for solar micro-generators importing more electricity from the grid than they are exporting.
*Please look for Membership Group 018 when signing up.

To join the Solar Club™ Loyalty Program you must be signed up as a customer of one of the participating local Community Retailers in our network.


How It Works

The Light Up Alberta Solar Club™ is a non-government program created to help increase the earning potential of micro-generators. It was designed for residential, farm, and small commercial customers who are both importing and exporting electricity to the grid.