Abode was founded with the purpose of providing a simple platform for Alberta-based businesses and Albertans to access low-cost electricity, gas, and/or internet services.
At Acorn Energy we provide heat, power and connection. We contribute a portion of our revenues to projects that make a difference in the lives of our customers and the communities where they live.
Located in Calgary, Adagio was built out of respect for topnotch friendly service, simple straight talk, modern convenience and most importantly for those Albertans who know they shouldn't have to overpay for essential services. Adagio is easy to do business with, provides a fair price for your energy, and is proud of its friendly local service.
We are a local Community Retailer that provides competitive power and natural gas rates to the hard working people of Airdrie and surrounding areas.
Alberta Utility Source provides exceptional energy savings to customers in over 400 Alberta communities. We offer renewably sourced energy, as well as conventional variable and fixed energy rates at competitive prices across Alberta.
At Ascend Energy, we like to think of ourselves as your "Home Town Utility" with all of our operations right here in Alberta. We are a family-run business and we partner with many community organizations throughout the province - putting money right back into the community where you live. We strive to provide you with personalized service and fair pricing. Above all else, we are here for you.
Azgard Energy is a proud, Alberta-based company that's been in the energy business for over 40 years. Our goal is to make your energy as accessible and as affordable as possible.
Bow Valley Power (BVP) was founded in the spring of 2010. BVP has enjoyed excellent growth since launching, with customers in over 160 communities in Alberta. BVP was Alberta's first Community Retailer to provide both traditional and Ecologo certified green power to its customers and has some of Alberta's best electricity rates.
Brighter Futures Energy is an Alberta company committed to providing a choice for your electricity needs. Brighter Futures Energy simply provides reliable service through the same grid you use now, and saves you money at the same time. They are committed to helping you save money, are committed to Alberta, and are committed to the environment.
Located in downtown Camrose, Camrose Energy provides electricity, natural gas and green energy services throughout Alberta. Through its Community Partner Program, Camrose Energy donates 10% of its profits to local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity Camrose and the Canadian Mental Health Association.
The City of Lacombe established Echo Energy in 2013 as a new utility offering for consumers. The initiative is simple; Echo Energy provides power to local homes and businesses, with the sales proceeds creating an alternative source of funding for community projects. Net proceeds from energy sales are deposited directly into the Echo Lacombe Community Fund.
EMPWR provides competitive electricity, natural gas and green energy rates for consumers in Alberta. EMPWR is an initiative of the Generating Opportunities (GO) Technology Foundation, an incorporated non-profit social enterprise that anticipates and integrates disruptive technologies in the best interest of everyone in our communities.
Fluent is an organization which seeks to enhance the quality of the lives of its valued customers through straightforward and upfront pricing for electricity, natural gas and green energy. Fluent is committed to customer service and giving back through charitable donations to worthwhile causes.
The Foothills Energy Co-op markets electricity and natural gas to the residents of Foothills at competitive rates, with the express purpose of retaining revenues in and for the community. The Co-op's mandate is to fund and support energy conservation, green energy, and sustainability initiatives that are within the service area.
Get Energy is proudly based in the Municipality of Wood Buffalo and services the entire province. To date, Get Energy has helped many customers like you save between 5% and 30% of their monthly utility charges. These are costs that are unavoidable and Get Energy works hard to ensure that you are never paying more than you need to be.
Guardian Utilities is committed to serving Canmore by contributing 60% of their energy profits, in support of our doctors, nurses and the Canmore Hospital.
Reliable and competitively priced energy and Internet services are cornerstones for building resilient communities. Through our partnership with the Southwest Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative (SASCI), we invest back into our community to help enhance regional services and support other local businesses.
At Jade Energy, we are an organization which seeks to enhance the quality of the lives of our valued customers through straightforward and upfront pricing for electricity, natural gas, Internet, and green energy that you can depend on.
Utilities By Kuby is more than just an energy provider; we're pioneers in the renewable energy sector committed to offering innovative solutions to residents of Alberta. We aim to disrupt the traditional energy market by providing Albertans with a diverse range of options to power their homes and businesses.
Mountain View Power (MVP) was founded in 2010 by the Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development as an innovative Community Sustainability Initiative. MVP sells electricity, natural gas and green power to consumers located in the County of Mountain View. 100% of the profits generated are used to support and grow the community & region.
NewGen Energy has been a proud, Alberta owned electricity and natural gas provider since 2009. They offer great rates and innovative programs tailored to your needs and match this with exceptional services from its Alberta based customer care group. NewGen Energy is Alberta's energy expert and are here to help you gain control of your energy costs.
Orizon Utilities is an Alberta-based company aiming to help homeowners control their energy bills. Our mission is to assist homeowners in protecting their energy bills from soaring, transitioning to green energy, and owning their power. We want to be transparent, honest, and upfront, ensuring our clients are comfortable with their decisions and choices.
Park Power is a 100% privately owned and operated local business that believes in supporting the local economy. Park Power offers residents and businesses the opportunity to shop local for their electricity and natural gas. The goal of Park Power is to be a positive member of the community by supporting local non-profits and local initiatives.
Ridge Utilities Ltd. was formed as a municipally controlled corporation by the Village of Stirling as an innovative Community Sustainability Initiative. You now have the option to purchase your internet service, electricity and natural gas from Ridge Utilities at competitive rates and support your community all at the same time with 100 per cent of the profits generated used to support and grow our community and region in a vibrant and sustainable manner.
What differentiates Rocky Mountain Community Energy from our competition is the connection through the Bow Valley Green Energy Co-Op to our community and the commitment to return profits to finance local renewable energy projects, which directly reduce the carbon intensity of the grid and advances Alberta’s energy transition.
Sandstone Energy offers competitive prices for electricity and natural gas across Alberta. In 2018, Sandstone Energy partnered with the Calgary Public Library Foundation and has committed to donate all net income from the sale of energy to the Foundation for the next 10 years. Support the growing Calgary Public Library system today.
We focus on solar micro-generators and their solar installers. Solar installers in Alberta do important work and build relationships as they go. This is why 50% of all Shared Value revenue goes directly to solar installers whose customers sign up for our Solar Club™.
SOLARMAX Power offers consumers and businesses a new way to reduce power costs and help the environment. By choosing solar power generation for your home or business, you can feel good about your energy and save money.
Lets face it. For most people in Alberta, getting energy is a hassle. Spot power is here to change that. Its mission is to save you money and make your life simpler. They’ve been doing that since 2009 and offer variable and guaranteed energy rates with competitive prices across Alberta.
As your trusted utility partner, we offer a comprehensive one-stop solution to seamlessly integrate solar power into your home. We prioritize educating homeowners on understanding utility bill charges and navigating energy costs effectively. At Sundance Power we believe that informed customers make empowered choices.
At Tassa, the you-have-the-power company, our mission is to provide people in Rocky View County and surrounding communities with electricity, natural gas, green energy and internet just the way you want them.
UTILITYnet.ca offers competitive prices for electricity, natural gas and green energy to consumers in Alberta. They pride themselves on providing affordable solutions for your utility needs, accuracy in billing, and top level customer care.
Vector Energy is locally owned and operated with an Alberta based Customer Care Team. Vector Energy makes it its mission to work with small business owners and residential customers to provide the most cost effective solution, keep business local, and help them stay informed about Alberta's deregulated energy system.
At Wetaskiwin Power, we are focused on exceeding your expectations, while also proving it's not just 'cars that cost less' in Wetaskiwin. Whether you live in the big city or right here in town, we believe we can assist you in reducing your monthly utility costs.
Life is increasingly complex. Your utilities shouldn't be. At Wholesale Power, we want to make things simpler. With one low monthly fee homes and businesses throughout Alberta can access electricity and natural gas at wholesale prices. Why pay more with the big companies when you could save with a truly local business built by and for Albertans.