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Site Catalog

A searchable address, site ID, meter ID, and site code database, which includes all electrical and gas customer sites enrolled with the major Wire Operators in Alberta.

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A service solution for Alberta’s industrial and Oil and Gas industry, focused on managing and lowering the cost of buying electricity for operations.

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A self-service business transaction processing application to manage the enrollment, de-enrollment, energizing and/or de-energizing of customer sites.

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An automated batch-processing business application designed to validate and process all site-level activity, daily Settlement System Code (SSC), and Tariff Billing Code (TBC) transactions.

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The doorway into our operational data center, loaded with pre-configured business analytics, ad-hoc and stewardship reports, detailed load settlement, and billing data.

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Electrical Power Supervision System designed to process and validate all metered and invoicing data on behalf of UTILITYnet's Industrial and Oil & Gas clients. The system provides an automated interface to our clients' financial systems.

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Price Alert

Automatic alert system that provides notifications when important events take place or specific thresholds are exceeded in relation to Alberta’s electricity market.

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Billing Services

Web-based customer relationship management system used by REAs, Municipalities and Retailers, designed as a totally integrated system in the processing of metered data, load settlement and billing information.

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