Flow chart of energy marketers relationship with UTILITYnet and their customers

Through this relationship, Energy Marketers have minimal operating requirements, and their role is primarily focused on marketing the program and recruiting new customers.

Program Benefits

There is no software to install. Simply plug into this web-based automated service and be in business as a new Energy Marketer.

A typical timeline to launch is 45 to 60 days. UTILITYnet is responsible for the business set-up and ongoing operational requirements, including setting up a website (included in cost of entry fee).

All invoicing transactions are automated. Customers are provided access to an online digital filing system that stores current and all historical utility invoices.

Customers are given access to UTILITYnet’s “My Account” where they can manage every aspect of their account online including: banking, profile status, cancellation, rate changes, account transfer, and more.

Energy Marketers do not have to finance receivables nor payables. All customer invoices are issued based on a Pre- Authorized Deposit (PAD) agreement and payment protocols and all payables are managed under UTILITYnet’s license. The Energy Marketer is sent a monthly loyalty payment, based on the number of customers and aggregated consumption.

Most UTILITYnet Energy Marketers operate with little to no bad debt.

All systems development, server and database management, hardware, and online security protocols are developed and managed by UTILITYnet. The only ongoing cost charged to the Energy Marketer is the annual maintenance fee.

The UNETgrid dashboard includes a suite of business application tools and benchmark data, including a KPI report, graphs and performance charts that allow the Energy Marketer to keep on top of business dynamics in real-time.

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