My Account

An online secure service available 24/7 to access monthly invoices and to manage every aspect of your account.

Direct Debit

An automated direct bank payment process that seamlessly eliminates the scheduling of monthly invoice payments.

Paytm Prepayment

Allows customers to make pre-payments to their account using their preferred credit card and earn rewards points at the same time.


Choose what day of the month you pay your energy bill. Schedule payments so they're convenient to you.

Budget Billing

Gain stability and predictability in your monthly energy bill. With budget billing customers pay a set price each month based on historical usage data, trued-up twice annually.

Senior's Discounts

Ongoing discounted energy pricing for seniors aged 60 and older. Created to support those who have helped to build Alberta into what it is today.

Complete Utility Packages

Choose from an extensive list of services including electricity, natural gas, green energy, high-speed Internet, and portable WIFI.

Zero Penalties

Fixed rates guaranteed for up to 5 years, but consumers have the freedom to change rate plans, move or even cancel the account with just 10 day notice at no cost or penalties.

Green Energy

Reduce your carbon footprint by greening a portion of the electricity you consume. Green from 5% to 100%.

Referral Program

A chance for individuals, organizations and charities to earn an extra stream of income by encouraging friends or family to sign up for electricity with select Community Retailers.

Shop local today and choose a utility company made for the people.