The Solar Club™

The Solar Club™ is part of the Utility Network & Partners Inc. (UTILITYnet) group of companies. It was officially launched in 2015 as a means of providing consumers in Alberta the opportunity to participate in greening the grid.

Our Vision

To set the standard for micro-generation in Alberta through a unique program by creating the largest virtual solar community in the province, one household, business, and farm at a time.

Our Mission

To provide Albertans with the opportunity to participate in the transition to a net-zero economy through an innovative loyalty program designed to maximize the return on investment for all micro-generators.

Together with your local Community Retailer and the Solar Club™, you can reduce your emissions footprint and support the growth of renewable energy in Alberta. You are in control. Choose how much of your energy consumption you want to green. Just green what you can afford, every little bit helps.

It is easy. It doesn't cost much. Here is how.

Estimate Your Electricity Consumption
Apartment or Semi-detached House
600 kWh/month
Average Sized Home
800 kWh/month
Large Home
1,000 kWh/month or more
Small to Medium Sized Business
1,500 kWh/month - 4,000 kWh/month
This is how much it costs to add green energy.
$0.00 / Month
$0.00 / Day

Ready to get started?

Many consumers do not know that they have options when it comes to choosing their energy provider. Albertans are not limited to large companies to supply them with their electricity and natural gas. Introducing smaller, Alberta based companies to the market means more opportunities for consumers to save money. All consumers have to do to take advantage of this service is to contact a local Community Retailer.

To learn more please visit the Solar Club™