Licensed Retailer Billing Services

Completely customizable, expandable and secure, ZYNXX helps retailers reshape their business processes by providing technology solutions that enable them to manage their business in a changing market. The application is used to:

  • Manage Meter Data
  • Validate meter reads
  • Automate the Load Settlement Agent (LSA) interface
  • Reconcile load settlement and wholesale power pool purchases
  • Manage wire rate billing
  • Manage and allocate financial hedges
  • Generate customer invoices
  • Manage customer accounts including payment plans and debt administration

Other features of ZYNXX include:

Your customers depend on timely service and accurate billing. ZYNXX makes it easier than ever. With all processes in one place, your administrators can increase productivity and customer satisfaction. System calculations take place in the background, out of sight, so your staff can concentrate fully on the customer. ZYNXX puts your most essential data at your fingertips.

ZYNXX gives you the power to collect and enter accurate customer information online and provides an automated solution for site enrollment, energizing, de-enrollment or de-energizing of accounts in conjunction with the site registry. Eliminate clerical errors and reduce administrative tasks and costs.

It is essential for billing systems to be fast, accurate, and multi-functional. With ZYNXX you can:

  • Easily generate readable bills for customers
  • Print additional customized customer messages when required
  • Track customer power usage
  • Calculate invoices down to the customer site level
  • Create invoices by batch or by individual customer
  • Apply payments to the balance owing
  • Calculate the remaining balance on an account
  • Create arrears reports that allow you to send out letters to customers at the push of a button
  • Provide consolidated billing statements across multiple sites

Behind the scenes, ZYNXX leverages the transaction processing engine of UTILITYnet’s Retail Invoice Settlement System (RISS) and Process Control Application (ISIS). These core applications are used to enter payments, generate payment batches, and manage System Settlement Code (SSC) data. Data validation and consistency checks are continually performed to ensure the customers invoices are correct.

Review historical consumption and billing by customer, site or by meter, at any time. Customized reports from ZYNXX can be used for forecasting aggregated power requirements and keeping track of purchase contracts. The Price Alert function, along with customized ZYNXX consumption reports, are indispensable tools for managing energy purchase contracts and help make informed financial and business decisions.

ZYNXX gives you the power to create Daily Cumulative Meter (DCM) reports and, in conjunction with ISIS, invoice down to the site and customer level. The application will also track consumption and reconcile to the Power Pool Statement. The automated PFAM system ensures you are only paying for power consumed.

The ability to buy right and manage financial power hedges will go a long way to determining your organization’s financial results. To ensure you get maximum power for your money, ZYNXX will automatically reconcile your actual consumption against the power purchase agreements and the AESO monthly invoices.

Save time, eliminate clerical errors and reduce administrative costs.