UTILITYnet has been part of Alberta’s energy industry since 1978.

In 2000 Alberta deregulated the market. We adapted, providing site management, self-retail, load management services, bill validation, back-office retailing services, and other solutions to industrials, utilities and oil & gas clients.

In 2008 the company expanded. Leveraging our back-office network, we created an innovative online competitive residential retail program which simplified the sale of electricity, natural gas, and green energy to homeowners and small businesses. Today, we are providing online services to consumers in over 400 communities across Alberta.

UTILITYnet, a local Alberta company. We're different.

Alberta Generation

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Site Catalog
A free online web service linking all electricity and natural gas consumers in Alberta into a single searchable data base. Access site ID and Meter Number online for every address in the province.
Real Time Pricing
Stay up-to-date on what is happening in Alberta's electricity market with real-time live prices paid to Alberta generators.
Self-Retail Option
A service solution for Alberta's industrial and Oil and Gas industry, focused on managing and lowering the cost of buying electricity for operations.
The People's Utility
A growing list of Energy Marketers focused on selling natural gas, electricity & green energy to consumers across Alberta. We are different. We are local. We are engaged in our community.
Green Alberta Energy
A new and affordable way for consumers to shift their current reliance on fossil fuels over to renewables.

Community Partners

Together we can make a difference. The Energy Marketers in our network are supporting worthy causes in your community.

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