The Electricity Shop

The Electricity Shop

New Consumer Advocate Service: a single gateway and online access to all competitive, regulated and rural electricity retailers in Alberta. Find the best price in Alberta: compare rates, shop wisely and save.
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Online Business Service

+3 decades in providing timely and accurate information. UNETgrid is the doorway into the operational data center: loaded with pre-configured business analytics, ad-hoc and stewardship reports, detailed load settlement and billing data.
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Site Catalog

The Alberta 'Site Catalog' is a searchable address database, including all electrical customer sites enrolled with the major Wire Operators in the province. The 'Site Catalog' has been expanded to also include Gas customer sites.
Spot Power

Spot Power

Alberta’s first Boutique Retailer of Electricity to residential and small commercial consumers. Consumers are achieving savings of 35% over compared to those on the government's regulated rate. Shop around and buy wisely. You will find exceptional value being offered.
Self-Retail Option

Self-Retail Option

A managed service solution for Alberta’s Industrial and O&G industry, designed to support load settlement and energy data management needs: focused on managing and lowering the cost of buying electricity for their operations.
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REA Billing Service

Proven accuracy, flexible and scalable end-to-end billing service uniquely designed to meet all the business and customer care needs of both Operating and Non-Operating REAs.
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