Marketing Associate

Marketing Associate Program

Discover your earning potential as a Marketing Associate! This is a home-based business opportunity with the total support of UTILITYnet behind you. As a Marketing Associate of UTILITYnet you will earn residual income by utilizing your personal network of friends, family and other contacts to encourage sign-ups for electricity and natural gas services.
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Site Catalog

The Alberta 'Site Catalog' is a searchable address database, including all electrical customer sites enrolled with the major Wire Operators in the province. The 'Site Catalog' has been expanded to also include Gas customer sites.
Self-Retail Option

Self-Retail Option

A managed service solution for Alberta’s Industrial and O&G industry, designed to support load settlement and energy data management needs: focused on managing and lowering the cost of buying electricity for their operations.
Green Alberta Energy

Green Alberta Energy

Green Alberta Energy was launched in 2015 to provide a new and affordable way for consumers to shift their current reliance on fossil fuels over to renewables.
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