Light Up Alberta

Alberta has a wealth of imaginative and environmentally sensitive people. The amount of Solar systems installed in the province is on the rise. How can we encourage even more micro-generation investment in the province?
We believe in paying micro-generators a reasonable price for the surplus green electricity they produce and ship back to the grid. To encourage more Albertans to invest in solar systems, we pay a premium of 1 ¢/kWh on electricity exported to the grid.
Eligible micro-generators in Alberta receive an additional
1.0 ¢/kWh
on electricity exported back to the grid

How It Works

Light Up Alberta is a non-government program created to help increase the earning potential of micro-generators. It was designed for residential, farm, and small commercial customers who are both importing and exporting electricity to the grid.

Join the Program

To join the Light Up Alberta program you must:
  1. Be signed up as a customer of one of the Energy Marketers in our network.
  2. Be a micro-generation customer.
  3. Contact your Energy Marketer's customer care team to notify them that you want to join the program. The customer care team will review your account and approve eligible customers.
Please note: those individuals who receive funding through Energy Efficiency Alberta's Residential and Commercial Solar Program (RCSP) cannot sell the environmental attributes generated through their PV solar system as they are kept by Energy Efficiency Alberta. For more information click here. RCSP recipients are not eligible for the Light Up Alberta Program. We disagree with this policy and will make an effort to make exceptions for any customers of one of our Energy Marketers. We continue to lobby the government to allow Light Up Alberta to support this renewable energy program.

To learn more please visit Green Alberta Energy